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Epidemiology and Public Health

My unique skillset allows me to integrate epidemiological and social science expertise to develop context-specific, evidence-based, and feasible disease prevention, mitigation and control strategies and projects that seek to improve public health and reduce inequalities.

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Covid 19

Infectious disease epidemiology

I trained under the acclaimed European Programme for Intervention Epidemiology Training (EPIET) from 2010-2012. This rigorous foundational training gives me the versatility to apply my skills to any area of infectious disease epidemiology.

One Health and zoonoses

I have been fascinated by the interface between animal, human and environmental health ever since my first degree in veterinary medicine. Zoonoses, emerging infections and the One Health apporach have remained particular interests of mine, and I have worked on diverse projects concerning zoonoses and EIDs including  WNV, Q Fever, and the pH1N1 and Covid pandemic responses.

Mother and Daughter

Child and maternal health

Much of my wider public health work has had a focus on maternal and child health, including leading on a Joint Strategic Needs Assessment for children with SEND; a Sector Led Improvement for public health nursing; online provision of maternal mental health resources during lockdown;  and a borough-wide infant feeding strategy. 

Interdisciplinary and intersectoral collaboration

I have an interdisciplinary ethos and can integrate both qualitative and quantitative methodologies that complement and enrich each other. I have a proven track record in building successful and effective relationships with diverse stakeholders, a prerequisite to facilitate collaborative and effective public health.

Taking Notes
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