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Client Testimonial (doula)

"Georgia’s evidence-based, woman-centred approach to birth provided just what I needed in a doula. Our antenatal session helped me on my path to identify the right birth choices for me and my baby. Georgia’s background in public health and epidemiology meant that she was able to provide lots of evidence-based resources including books, podcasts and videos that opened up birth options that I had not previous considered and provided me with the confidence to advocate for my birth choices in the NHS system. Georgia is a caring and compassionate person and brings a wealth of personal experience in birth and parenting to her work as a doula. She has also been an invaluable support for us in the postnatal period too. I highly recommend Georgia as a doula – she is a wonderful ‘mum mentor’ and a great person to have alongside you at any stage of your birthing journey."

-Kath, mother to two boys

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